Aros Electronics Trainee

To be a trainee at Aros is the perfect job for you as a graduate engineer that want to get a deeper technical knowledge and also learn more about what kind of tasks an engineer can have on a daily basis. Since we at Aros develop everything from idea to finished product, have our own production line for PCB:s (printed circuit boards) in-house and also for motor and mechanics via our sister company, you as a trainee will get a unique access to the whole process during product development. During the whole year you will also have help and support from the competent and experienced colleagues at Aros. A great benefit is also that the trainee position is a permanent post and after a year you will keep on working within the area that you have found to be the most interesting.

Except from the technical parts with the program including both hard- and software you also get an introduction to the marketing, quality and testing departments. So depending on what you are interested in you can choose to specialize into for example a technical expert or a project leader.

The trainee program can be summarized with this flowchart.

Fredrik, trainee 2016

“As a trainee at Aros, I’ve gotten the possibility to immerse into knowledge in both hardware and software at a company at technological forefront. With highly competent employees who loves to share knowledge and experiences this has been a incredibly rewarding time for me.”

Charlotte, trainee 2017

“The trainee program let me mix theory and practical experience to really let me learn from all the technical experts here at Aros. Hardware design have been mixed with software programming to maximize my possibilities as a trainee and give me a good foundation to build on.”

Simon, trainee 2018

“Here at Aros, I have the possibilities to delve into the core competences before I need to choose which area I find most interesting. This gives me a good basic knowledge in electronic design which will be of great use, whether I choose to work with electric drive control, software, hardware or something completely different.”