I’m one of this year’s new trainees at Aros. I recently graduated from Chalmers where I studied Automation and mechatronics with a master in Systems, control and mechatronics. This year there are two trainees at Aros. We both did our master thesis here this spring.

The first two weeks of the trainee program we had an introduction in the production. The purpose of the introduction is to get to know the company and learn what we as developers should think about when we develop products in terms of manufacturability. I was impressed by the high level of automation and the flexibility of the production line.


The last week we have worked with a test coverage analysis. The goal is to determine which components on a circuit board that are tested in the different tests that each board passes through in the production line. This was a great introduction to reading schematics and getting to know the product.

The first three weeks of the trainee program ended with a full day of team building activities with the development department. We all participated in a version of the TV show “Bäst i test”. We watched the resulting video while enjoying some great food and beer later in the evening.

/Filip Karlsson