Motors and Drives – Customised solutions

We are a leading company in the design and control of electric motors. From the development stage, using expertise in permanent-magnet motors (PM-motors) and power electronics as well as creative thinking, we offer complete drive systems incorporating cutting-edge motors and drive electronics.

Sensorless control

Our sensorless PM drive solutions are at the forefront of technology in high dynamics, low noise and level of integration.

Sensors often present disadvantages, such as reduced reliability, noise, additional cost and weight, and increased complexity of the drive system.

In many applications position sensors can be replaced by intelligent motor control algorithtms.

We also have algorithms for sensorless control of DC motors, stepper motors and AC Induction motors.

Customised drives

We provide cutting-edge expertise in power electronics, motor design, motor control algorithm development, embedded software design, design for EMC and all you need to fit your environment and application. By participating early in the project we can offer completely customised drive systems.

Based on our pre-developed, and verified, design solutions we can easily configure a system that fulfills your specific needs. We have power modules for supply voltages, ranging from 12 VDC to 3-phase 525 VAC and power from a few watts up to tens of kilowatts.

Our controllers are often integrated with the application environment and have to be able to communicate with other system components. This is solved via CAN, Ethernet, EtherCAT or other types of fieldbuses. Human-machine interfaces, from push-buttons to operator panels are also integrated. This enables both increased performance and lower system cost.

True integration

Since we design all of the mechanics in-house, we can provide the level of integration, and provide the form factor, sealing grade and surface treatment requested to obtain an optimal systems solution.