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Aros is the place to work at if you want to get right into technology. In fact, a passion for technology is far more important than wearing a fancy suit. The atmosphere is relaxed and the organisation uncomplicated.

Obviously, with freedom comes responsibility. We expect you to work hard and be committed to deliver results for the company. Up to now these principles have worked very well. Success not only makes for a happy atmosphere in the workplace, it also offers plenty of scope for personal development.

With us you’re part of product development and production – from initial idea to finished product. You’ll be working with both customers and other dedicated teams.

As a part of the Van de Wiele Group we can offer you good opportunities for international contacts and business travel.

At Aros we also have a highly appreciated Trainee program for M.Sc. graduates. Read more about what this includes here.

At Aros we like to work together

We love challenges, and to deal with them together! With almost 500 years of collected experience, we solve even the toughest challenges. Our advanced technology is an attractive key component in many applications from industrial robots to electrified vehicles.

Our development projects always start from the idea stage until the ready product is in our production line. In all stages of the project there are both internal and external experts available whom thrive when they get to share their knowledge to colleagues. Mechanics, power electronics, software, production, project management; No matter where your talent lies, we see all employees as equally essential cogs in our well-oiled Aros wheel.

We do not limit our challenges strictly to the office hours. At Aros, we really enjoy each others company, both after work and when we are working. It could be a physical challenge, as participating with an Aros team in the “Tough Viking”-race, group workouts during lunch or perhaps having a quickly shoveled sprint-skiing competition around the building in Mölndal.

Aros barbeque championship was also quite sweaty, but for other reasons. Attending Aros music quizzes with live bands is an example of a less effort-demanding activity that we have. Keeping the best and most talented employees requires an effort, and we see our long average employment time as a measure of this. We believe that the team spirit at Aros is an key contributor to our innovative technical solutions and successful projects.


Test Development Engineer

February 10th, 2023|Comments Off on Test Development Engineer

Med utveckling och produktion i samma hus finns de allra bästa kompetens att tillgå när produktunika testutrustningar ska utvecklas. Vill du vara med och konstruera dessa samt påverka produkternas testbarhet under projektets gång, så läs [...]

Teknisk Projektledare

February 10th, 2023|Comments Off on Teknisk Projektledare

Kan du leda projektteam och aktivt bidra med teknisk kunskap? Inom elektrifiering av fordon finns många nya utmaningar som kan dra nytta av ditt bidrag. Läs mer och ansök här.

Hardware Design Engineer

February 9th, 2023|Comments Off on Hardware Design Engineer

Gillar du hårdvarukonstruktion? I så fall kan du hitta mer information här.

Component engineer

February 3rd, 2023|Comments Off on Component engineer

Are you looking for an essential role within a highly creative team? Providing key elements to enable innovative solutions? More information and how to apply can be found here.

Open application R&D engineer

May 10th, 2018|Comments Off on Open application R&D engineer

Vacancies Open Application R&D Engineer Have you read all about Aros Electronics and feel that you have experience and knowledge that we could use in our research and development department? Did you read through [...]

Summer jobs

Keep a look out for summer jobs here. If there is an opening in our production or at the R&D department it will be posted here.