Trainee blog Aros 2018!


I am the new trainee here at Aros Electronics! My name is Simon Nilsson and I recently concluded my masters in Electric Power Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. I originate from a small village called Fridlevstad outside of Karlskrona in the southeast of Sweden but moved to Gothenburg five years ago before starting at Chalmers.

Now I have been here at Aros for four weeks and the time has just flown away. So, what have I been up to these first few weeks you may ask? Well, the first 1,5 weeks here at Aros were spent in the different production lines, to get an understanding of how the manufacturing process works and how the design affects the manufacturability.

Because of its high degree of automation from start to end I found the surface soldering line among the most interesting. Here individual serial numbers are written to both sides of the PCBs, solder paste is applied to the correct spots, components are placed, PCBs are soldered, loads of data is stored for each individual serial number and both visual and electrical tests are conducted all automatic!

After the introductory weeks in the production I tried to brush up on the subject of inductive components for a couple of days, before attending ECPE:s(European Center for Power Electronics) two-day course in Copenhagen on the topic of “Passives in Power Electronics: Magnetic Component Design and Simulation”. This was a rewarding course which taught me a lot about how to design inductors and transformers for power electronics.

After Denmark I started working on an analogue project to acquaint myself with Cadence Orcad programs used for PCB design before leaving Gothenburg again. This time I attended a three-day course about the Orcad PCB Editor in Stockholm. It was a great course and now I will continue my analogue project and try to apply all that I have learned.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for the next post!