Hi, welcome back! It is time for an update on what I have been up to since last.

First of all there have been two fairs at Chalmers that Aros have attented, DatE-IT and “ZMART-dagen”. One of the responsibilities as a trainee at Aros is to plan and participate in these fairs at Chalmers, which is really fun and a good way to dig deeper in to what is unique with Aros.

Then, in the end of November a couple of colleagues and I attended the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) fair in Nuremburg, Germany. This is a huge fair, exhibition area of 180 000 square meters, where over 1500 companies exhibits their products with a focus on industrial automation

We spent two days here looking at latest in electric drives and motion control. This was really interesting and gave a nice insight of what competitors do and what the trends in the industry are right now.  Below is some examples of products shown, to the left: ABB robots. Center picture: rotor and stator parts of an electric machine where all parts have been laser cut individually. Picture to the right: three robots fighting with lightsabers.

After this we went to the Electric drives production conference (EDPC) in Esslingen outside Stuttgart. The focus of the conference was electric motors in cars and especially the hairpin winding technology.

Here 64 technical contributions were presented, covering the latest news of materials, production processes, substances and concepts for electrics drives. A nice way to get a hint of where motor design is heading and what techniques that are developing right now.