New selective solderer at Aros

Today, the first run in the new selective solderer at Aros was performed. After a lot of work, including opening up part of the wall of our building to fit the machine, it is finally in place. The line will soon be completed with a building station and connected to the robot cell and SMD.

The solderer applies flux, pre-heats the boards in two stages and finishes of with two soldering stations. Flux is applied with two high precision arms ensuring a high product flow as well as high quality. By pre-heating in two stages the heating process can be highly controlled and allows two boards to be heated at once. The soldering stations have two nozzles each which can have different size to solder different sizes of components which gives a high flexibility. The line will output 27 boards an hour extending our current production rate. Together with our old soldering station we can now utilize a parallel process work flow, allowing a more adaptive production flow meeting the needs from our customers.

From a design point of view the new solderer also allows more complex components to be used. The increased production rate will enable us to use two sided boards in even more applications by using selective soldering rather than wave soldering, making even more lucrative designs possible.