Master thesis

Aros electronics develop and produce customised integrated electronic solutions. Motor drives, sensors and field bus technology are our areas of expertise. Within these areas there are a lasting development of technologies, knowledge and production methods. As a part in this constant development we have the intention to always have one or more master thesis ongoing at the company.

Some proposals of master thesis works within our areas of expertise are presented in this folder:

>>Master thesis at Aros Electronics << [PDF]

However, you are very welcome to discuss your own suggestions with us!

At Aros we believe that both we as a company and you as master thesis workers benefit from being two persons so for us, that is a demand. The thesis work for us is also a way of recruiting new employees so applicants that are interested of Aros as a future working place are a priority.

To apply for master thesis work at Aros, contact our partner Friday:

Sophie Tisell

Or read more here.

If you need some inspiration we have some exaple videos of what you can do at Aros :