Highlights from ITMA

The ITMA fair has now come to an end and it showed us a lot of future applications within
the textile industry. Here are some highlight from the fair.

The large carpet loom of Van de Wiele running at 235 RPM. It consists of 13000 electric motors where most of them are controlled by Aros drives. The carpets produced by these looms have high quality and high threads per inch (TPI) like the tiger carpet above, which almost looks like a photo, made with only eight colors of yarn. On the second picture the large bobbin creel is visible which is feeding the loom with the pile yarn. The tension of each yarn thread is controlled by individual motors.

For flat weaving looms, Van de Wiele has developed Smart creel which greatly reduce the size of the bobbin creel. As with the carpet machine, the yarn tension is individually controlled, and a robot refills yarn automatically. This makes it possible to change color of the pile yarn on the fly.

IRO yarn feeders, allowing weft insertion at high speeds without the yarn breaking. There’s one feeder for each color of weft yarn. IROs and ROJs feeders are used on about 70% of all looms world wide.

The exhibition consits of the full textile process chain, from extrusion to finishing and logistics. This is just one of the nine ITMA exhibition halls in Fira Barcelona.