In Gothenburg, this year’s winter have not been much of a winter but at least we got one good week of snow in beginning of February. This meant that the yearly “Aros electronics Open Skill Sprint Marathon Championship” more commonly known as AOSSMC took place outside of Aros. It was a tough competition and the crowed was exited. However, me and my borrowed skies did not make it up to the podium. Wish me better luck next time!

Apart from ski competitions, February also hosted the Charm fair at Chalmers and Aros famous AfterCHARM event. The CHARM fair was a fun and exciting occasion to meet and speak with students interested in our company. Our house robot Glen and our motion controlled labyrinth game got a lot of attention which was good fun.

Once a year, after the CHARM fair, we hold our AfterCHARM event where we invite students to Aros. This is a great opportunity for students to see what we are working with, to meet engineers and to discuss thesis opportunities and the trainee position. This year, we made deep dives into several off our products to show what we are working with, showed our production facilities, had food and drinks, and even a live music quiz performed by Myrans Orkester!