2014-02-03 - Presenting Aros OddWheel!

From the project start in early January, one month later we're finally finished! So without further ado, here it is - the Aros OddWheel!

There have been times where I've doubted that we would meet our deadline on this project, perhaps especially during the mechanical construction phase. When I look back, many work hours have been poured into this project over the last couple of weeks/weekends.

From last time, you might remember that we managed to get the chassis manufactured. During the week, we have been busy drilling holes for LEDs, cables, connectors, soldered cables and tuned our PD controller.

We started with a basic assembly and did a rough positioning of all of our components. Once that was done and they were all in place, we hurried to made some temporary wooden cover plates before the plexi glass had arrived.

We then moved on with the wiring ...

Soldered some more cables ...

And finally finished off with this!

What you see here are 8 blue LEDs displaying the current charge level of the Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries, a rugged CAN connector and a On/Off button on the right. On the back we added connectors so that the LiPo batteries could be charged without removing the top plexi covers.

Finishing touches included anti slip tape and a small microswitch working as a "dead man's foot". When powered on, the PMSM rotor is first aligned, the gyro is then calibrated for one second and two seconds later the OddWheel is ready. When the dead man's foot is pressed down, the OddWheel starts the PD control loop as soon as it's in between +- 2 degrees from level. For the sensor fusion between the gyro and the accelerometer we used a simple, but effective, complementary filter (or a exponentially-weighted moving average).

So far most of our collegues have both admired and feared the mighty OddWheel. Though a few brave souls managed to conquer that fear. For instance, here's Josef smiling (and riding) away.

Tomorrow is Charm and we'll bring OddWheel along for everybody to view. So come check us out in the V-building!