Project Description

Achieving a reliable control system


Our customer, one of Europe´s leading forklift manufacturers and material handling experts, wanted to increase the reliability of the control system. With separate sources for design and manufacturing this was a challenge. Thus, the company was looking for a partner, willing to take the full responsibility.


After a first contact we got the assignment to review the existing design of the control system. Key factors were to make it more compact, and reduce EMC radiation levels. By early involvement of production technology knowledge we came up with a significantly improved solution.

Achieved benefits

  • A new system design, free from previous errors.
  • Using a compact solution, where 5 circuit boards were reduced to a single one-sided board, the thickness of the control system reduced from over 10 cm down to 2 cm.
  • The new control system now features several new functions.
  • The EMC radiation levels have been significantly reduced. They are today on a satisfactory level in line with the current requirements.
  • The new, compact design of the control system contributes to a refined overall impression of the forklifts.