Project Description

Active boat stabilising systems


One of the global market leaders for active boat stabilising systems wanted our help to improve their existing drive system solution.


Together with their team of hydrodynamicists and marine engineers we made a detailed system specification for the new generation. With this as a model, we designed a drive system including a motor with integrated drive.

Achieved benefits

  • The dynamic performance is significantly better.
  • A design specially made for the rough environments and the reliability/lifetime requirements needed in these types of application.
  • Increased robustness achieved by Aros electronics’ algorithms for sensorless control, eliminating the need of position encoders.
  • Efficient logistics. We take care of the complete assembly of the gearbox. From components, to gearbox, to mounting on the drive and then finally the complete system test.
  • Synergy. This solution gives the possibility to use the same system in different types and sizes of boats.