Our solutions

Our customers are active in a wide range of fields and applications, from heavy duty vehicle applications to general I/O devices. Therefore we have extended experience in a wide variety of certificates and approvals.

The development teams at Aros have long been working with many different certification processes, for example UL-approvals and third part certifications. We also have experience from CE marking and fulfilling Low Voltage Directive (LVD), EMC directive and Machine Directive (MD). We also develop and produce products being used in EX-proof environments.

Aros have divided the wide range of customers into two divisions, Industry and Vehicles. In both divisions we also have experience of implementing functional safety.

Industry solutions

Aros technical development teams have long experience of finding innovative and completely customised solutions for industrial applications. We are working with a large number of different customers, in a variaty of fields.

Our industrial products are being used in applications such as motors and drives for industrial weaving machines, conveyer belts, industrial doors and I/O-boards for control systems etc. Read more about some application examples below.

Yarn Feeders2017-06-21T15:19:09+00:00
Forklift control2017-06-12T15:33:06+00:00

Vehicle solutions

Our vehicle products are today used in a variety of applications such as marine servo control systems, distributed I/O for buses and as a supplier of sub-systems in hybrid vehicles.

We are well suited to supply products directly to vehicle customers’ product lines as a true Tier 1 supplier. Read more about some application examples below.

Active boat stabilising systems2017-06-21T15:36:26+00:00
Hybrid bus2019-05-23T07:21:48+00:00

Functional Safety

Our processes supports development according to functional safety standards ISO13849 and ISO26262. Aros has developed certified implementations of safety building blocks, for example Safe Torque Off, Safe Brake Control and Safe Speed Monitor.  We are using a Safety analysis tool chain that ensure tracability from requirements down to component level.