Research & Development

A large part of our turnover is invested in research and development.
Every project team is set up to work cross-functionally. We include the industrialisation phase already from the start of all development projects.

The embedded software in our products is designed using our own operating system. There are numerous software modules already in our toolbox which have been developed with portability, reliability and deterministic behavior when integrated in mind. By using our in-house developed tool chain, all projects can be verified in a similar way. We have together with our customers found this to be a highly effective working principle giving reliable results.

Our development team uses a scrum inspired workflow stream lined for our internal processes to ensure a dynamic and interesting development process. This also spreads the knowledge among our developers, giving us the possibility to distribute engineers based on resource requirements among the projects, rather than based on the knowledge of the engineers.

Our laboratories are fully equipped with instrumentation and tools. This includes motor test benches, power analyzers, a shielded room with full EMC measurement capability, climate chambers, vibration test equipment and more. In combination with experienced test engineers, we are confident in having what is needed to reliably verify all products.

Our enterprise data system is highly integrated which gives our design engineers the best possible support during the development projects. For example, integration of PCB CAD with mechanical 3D CAD assures seamless design of mechatronic solutions. The link between the purchasing system and schematic design enforces cost-effective solutions with components from reliable sources.